#Z03MG (Genesis, #174) is an Uncommon Ally card with 1 Attack and 1 Shield. It has the Reflex and Sculpting badges.

Card Effect

LoH ReflexBadge
There's a 33% chance that damage dealt by #Z03MG is unstoppable
LoH SculptingBadge
There's a 33% chance that #Z03MG deals double damage

Card Description

"It's Zoe Ng. Shh! Don't tell anyone! #secretidentity

"Brother's an Emergent too. Lame! Totally copied me! #makeshiftsucks

"Can fire bolts of energy from fingertips. Blasting people = fun!"

"Needed more power. Siphoned it from power lines. Don't tell energy company!"

"Picture was in the paper today! Background of a crowd scene. Still cool. #goingtobefamous"

Put a hash tag at front of my hero name. Can see what people are saying about me on twitter now!"

-- #Z03MG's Twitter feed

More info about #Z03MGEdit

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