Little Suzi-image
Little Susie Homewrecker Card

Little Susie Homewrecker (Mastermind set, #?) is a Common Ally card with 2 Attack and 2 Shield.

Card Effect

Each player depletes a random Ally from their deck.

When Little Susie Homewrecker is depleted deal 1 damage to your opponent for each Ally in each player's depletion pile.

Card Description

Susan Verife, daughter of a wealthy real-estate tycoon, was one of many young women kidnapped by Daddy-O. The serial killing cult leader saw potential in her, however, and decided to radicalize Susan instead of murdering her.

She aligned herself with Daddy-O for a while, until she realized that he didn't share her extremist politics: including the destruction of capitalism, the abolition of private property, and the enforcement of vegetarianism. After that Little Susie Homewrecker went her own way -- and commenced a campaign of eco-terroist bombings.

In an interesting twist of fate it was Susie who caused the upstarts to dissolve -- bringing an end to the team which her former mentor's deeds had inadvertently created -- when she had an afair with The Crime Blotter. Her paramour allowed her to escape after she bombed a waterfront development, despite the fact that a family of squatters had been killed in the explosion. It tore the team apart.

As she usually relies on her explosives, it's easy to forget that Susie is an Emergent. However, she possess superhuman strength and reflexes -- enabling her to slip past security measures and disable heavy machinery with her bare hands if she has to.