Cards are how battles in Legacy of Heroes are fought. They include, in the most basic categories, Attack, Event, Memento and Ally cards. Attack cards are further divided into Martial and Tactical. Ally and Attack cards can also have one of each badge: Power, Reflex, Sculpting and Psych.

Martial and TacticalEdit

There is virtually no difference between Martial and Tactical attacks as of right now, except that some cards need a specific amount of martial/tactical cards to use their effects to the best they can (Such as Diamonoid).



An Event card will always be banished after being depleted and its effect resolved.They will not be draw into unless the rest of you deck contains only events or mementos.



A Memento is opposite to an event in that it only works until it is depleted, while a character possesses a live version in their deck or hand. They cannot be drawn until the only cards in the deck are events or mementos.



Ally is a type of card that represents certain types of characters. They can have a variety of effects. They represent a player's allies in battle. Whenever a player plays an Ally, it gets shuffled back into their deck, waiting to be deployed again. There are also some cards that are affected by or affects an ally depending on its subtype.