Brawls are a cooperative game mode in which several players fight against a single boss. Like normal play, a player is eliminated when they run out of cards in their deck; however, in brawls a player may recover from elimination (e.g. if another player plays Bathe in Light) or even win while eliminated, if the other players defeat the boss.

Brawls cost ten energy per player slot on Normal and twenty on Crisis difficulty. The rewards for victory are 1.6 xp and 18 bucks per energy.


There are three general categories of brawls: Regular Brawls, League Brawls, and Mega Brawls. Each has different requirements for creation and limitations on who can join and when they can be started, but otherwise work fundamentally the same.

Regular brawls may only be created by players who have defeated the corresponding boss in Missions, but may be joined by anybody, or even populated by AI-controlled versions of the creator's friends. Unlike other brawls, they can be started with less than the maximum number of players. After creating a regular brawl, a player starts a 20-hour cooldown before they can create another of that brawl. This cooldown can be circumvented by paying 2 Legacy Coins.

League brawls may be created by any member of a league, and joined by any member of the same league. They can only be started when each player slot has been filled by a player. They have a 20-hour cooldown.

Mega brawls may be created and joined by anyone, but only during special community events. They can only be started when each player slot has been filled by a player. Unlike other brawls, they have no cooldown, but may be started repeatedly without delay.

Regular Brawl BossesEdit

Unlocked from Issue Craft Drop Brawl Boss Number of Players Unique Drop
School Daze Fiery Sword => Bathe in Light Pyrotechnique 2 Fire From Within
Between the Ropes Devastatrix Spear => Icy Resolve Devastatrix 3 Ax you a Question
Welcome to the Jungle Dog Collar => Neighborhood Watch Pesticide 4 Dragon Punch
Little Susie Homewrecker 2 Maser
Hat's all Folks! Gas Capsule => Element of Surprise Sunder 4 Tag Team Up
The Hat 3 Seismic Strike
Candy inside Razor Blades Racing Form Magazine => Seen It All Before Mad Confectionist 5 Blast from the Past
Mainframe Daddy-O-Bot 4 Puppet Strings
Phaeton Burns Brick => Last Ditch Effort Daddy-O 5 Black and White, and Red All Over
Unraveling the Upstarts Book on Anger Management => Sage Counsel The Scarlet Tiger 3 Feral Rage
The Hat: Lost 4 Shimmerstorm: Upstart
Emergent Behavior Flaming Hoplite Statue => Fanning the Flames The Three Harmonies 3 Decoy Mission
Dr. Tessera 5 Bank Shot
Absolute Reckoning Quickhit's Dignity => Held at Bay Dr. Tessera: Devolved 5 Grip of Fanaticism
Absolute Zeroth 3 Over the Top
Back Issues: Part 1 Broken Brick => Easy Access Johnny Tinker 3 Tool Box
Torrent 2 Power Tool

League Brawl BossesEdit

Craft Drop Brawl Boss Number of Players Unique Drop(s)
Pocket Watch -> Shimmerstorm Dimetrodon 3 Trebuchet
The Notch 4 Lay of the Land
Firerazer 5 The Cornerman
#ZO3MG 2 Pow3rFlux
Crime Blotter:Upstart 5 Hot off the Presses
The Abyss: Genesis 4 Welcome Wagon
Dimensional Armor Case
Bantam and Bookworm Training Photo -> Do as I Do The Form and the Function 3 Head-on Collision
Quickhit: Oh, Hi! 3 Autonomous Effort
Afterimage 2 Hard Choices

Removed Brawl BossesEdit