NameFighting StyleBge AmountBge TypeBge TypeBge TypeBge TypeRarityAttDefSpecial
A Thousand DeathsTactical1PsychRare32Psyc badge: Banish cards that would be depleted.
Lesser FocusTactical1PsychCommon20
Target PracticeTactical1SculptRare33
Lesser Jump KickMartial1ReflexCommon20
Jump KickMartial1ReflexCommon22
Lesser Leg SweepMartial1PsychCommon11
Rouse v.1Martial1SculptCommon01 +1 WC
Rouse v.2Martial1PowerCommon10 +1 WC
RecessTactical0Common20Recover 2
Lesser FlameTactical1SculptCommon20
Lesser BlockTactical1SculptCommon20
Light Endurance TrainingTactical1PowerCommon10 +1 WC
Leg SweepMartial1PsychCommon22
Lesser StrikeMartial1PowerCommon20
Trial and Error v.1Tactical1SculptCommon11Recover 1
Trial and Error v.2Tactical1ReflexCommon11Recover 1
Eager FreshmanAlly0Common10
Shy FreshmanAlly0Common12
Field dressingEvent0Common00On Deplete:
Body BlowMartial0Common21
Lesser SparkMartial1SculptCommon11
Missed MeMartial1ReflexUncommon20Opp next threat deals -4 Dmg
Balance v.1Martial1SculptCommon11Recover 1
Balance v.2Martial1PowerCommon20Recover 1
Lesser GrindTactical1ReflexCommon11
15 MinutesEvent0Uncommon00On deplete, gain 2 Willpower Counters.
Find The SparkTactical1SculptRare40 +1 Sculpting
The Crimson MarkAlly2ReflexSculptRare31

S:7 +2 Dmg

Puppet stringsTactical2ReflexPsychEpic43

On damage: Deplete 4 Tactical From Opp deck

Foul PlayTactical2SculptPsychRare24

While in deck: If damage dealt to Opp, they deplete 2 cards.

Blind FuryMartial2PowerReflexEpic20Play random Martial from deck, does +3 dmg.
NovaTactical4PowerReflexSculptPsychEpic22Deal +1 dmg for each WC you have
TorrentAlly1PowerEpic32Mercenary cards you play deal +2 dmg for the rest of the fight.
PesticideAlly1PsychEpic11When played, shuffle a copy of Albino croc into your deck. Psych badged Ally cards you play deal +2 dmg. Pesticide deals +1 dmg for each ally card in Opp depletion pile.
On the BubbleEvent0Epic00On deplete, for next 2 turns you may play an additional attack.
Time OutEvent0Epic00On deplete, recover 3.
Sibling RivalryMartial4PowerReflexSculptPsychEpic00 +1 dmg for each Martial in your depletion pile. Recover 2.
ShimmerstormAllyReflexSculptEpic42If there are no UPSTARTS other than Shimmerstorm in your deck, shuffle 5 copies of Shimmerstorm Token into your deck -- these cards are exact copies except they have no text.

When Shimmerstorm is depleted, banish all copies of Shimmerstorm Token from your deck.

Glory DaysMemento0Epic00While in deck, whenever you play Ally you have 60% chance to recover an Ally.
Aerial AssualtMartial1ReflexRare21Expend up to 3 Willpower Counters. Deal +2 damage for each Willpower Counter that was expended this way.
Back on Your FeetTactical1PowerUncommon22Recover 2.
Overload Martial1SculptRare42